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On my morning walk with this little man…

Little Prince

I came across a lot of these:

love this one.. it has a design of Jerusalem on it- you can't see it too well though because of the tree's shadow

This one is outside a restaurant

So what are all these weird little huts all over town? I mean.. all over the country!!

We are currently celebrating the holiday called Succot.. and these little huts are called (plural) Succot. ( succah= singluar). So without going into religion 101… people eat in them and sometimes sleep in them as well. They are EVERYWHERE its so fun!

It is really fun for kids because they decorate them and make them look really pretty and festive. So I decided to make a pretty and festive breakfast when I got home! (Unleash the inner child… its good for the soul)

Apple, pomegranate and greek yoghurt.

Happy day 🙂