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Hi guys,

I was a little busy bee today… looking at a million apartments, walking the dog 4 times, cooking, going to the gym and off to work soon…!!

I made this:


chicken breasts with fresh corriander and parsley, hot paprika and oregano + lemon- into the oven...


ready to go into my cooler bag with me to work šŸ™‚

The fun thing about cooking in bulk is it takes the stress out of what you are gonna eat after you come home RAVENOUS from the gym:

my all time favourite: lean bolgonaise,,,, chicken mince from last night and zucchini pasta YUM

Cooking in bulk also ensures you always have healthy meals on hand so there is no excuse to eat junk!!

This was my workout for today… Upper Body focus:

a little 5 min warmup and stretches and then:

lots of different variations of pushups- normal ones, off the bosu ball, santana, bosu ball pushups with a knee tuck ( opposite knee to opposite elbow)

tricep dips ( bodyweight) x 3 sets to failure

pull ups- not sure how many…i just kept going Ā šŸ™‚

clean and press- 3 sets

rows- 40 kg 3 sets

1 arm row- 12.5kg ( higher reps 3 sets)

pull up to push up

On the treadmil:

10 mins running- 30 secs FAST 15 secs rest

those ten minutes left me sweaty and panting like crazzzyyyy- maybe coz its the first real cardio i’ve done in about 2 months but also because INTERVAL TRAINING KICKS STEADY CARDIO’S BUTT.

And thats it…

train hard šŸ™‚