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hi everyone!

I have had a few crazy days lately… including working over 24 hours in a row. yes thats right. over 24 hours in a ROW.

on my way to the crazy day ( with my little prince in tow…( which added a ton more craziness to it all) i spotted this:

out on the street where it belongs!


Perhaps whoever threw that out read my post on how to get great abs!!

i went to the gym after my crazy day and felt a little off and couldn’t work it out. I was that tired that i couldn’t figure out why my work out was off!!!

anyways i eased into it :

warmup on the rower

dynamic warmup- 3 sets of 10 pushups and 20 side lunges ( jumping from one into the other)

3 sets of chest press supersetted with plyometric pushups

3 sets of straight leg deadlits supersetted with squat jumps

3 sets of box squats supersetted with squat jumps onto a bench

and finished off this with this circuit:  no break in between each exercise

12 stiff legged deadlits ( 2x 12.5kg )

12 crazy jump squats ( jump squat and spin around in the air to face the other direction)

40 bench toe taps

10 walk-over push ups

40 mountain climbers

repeat 3 times.

i then did two quick sets of back lunges into a 1 legged deadlift

if a gym instructor doesn’t come over to give you a thumbs up and ask if you are ok… you did something wrong  🙂

In the midst of all the madness I made this:

zucchini pasta, chopped basil, black olives and bulgarit cheese ( kinda like feta)

Happy training 🙂