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Hi everyone

Clean eating… this way of eating has been around the fitness world for many years now. I did a post about this awhile back. You can read it here.

The thing is… the term ‘clean eating’ really bothers me. It makes it sound like some sort of purist diet… ONLY EAT CLEAN FOOD… like foods that aren’t deemed ‘clean’ are dirty?? Like if you eat it you ruin the purity and cleanliness of your body?? Sounds a teeny bit tiny obsessive to me! Especially as you can just as easily make a  ‘clean’ food ‘unclean’- like the minute you overdo the peanut butter/ fruit/ anything… then although its ‘clean’ you’ve over eaten. you might as well have had a slice of that chocolate cake you deemed ‘unclean’ for the same amount of calories. It really ( for me atleast) is about moderation, self control and keeping it all in perspective!


knaffeh... DEFINITELY not 'clean'!! But DEFINITELY INSANELY delicious 🙂

baklava... yumm yum


wheatgrass shot anyone?

So although I carry on with the term ‘clean eating’.. just coz its a habit and its stuck- I really do prefer to think of eating clean as eating health, whole, natural foods. Not to point out some foods as ‘clean’ whereby making others out to be bad. Obviously eating knaffeh for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( which I kinda did one day at an animal and art therapy workshop in April) is not a great idea… but neither is putting some foods high up on a pedastil over others. Also… neither is thinking you’ve got it all right and people who don’t ‘eat clean’ have it wrong.

enough rambling