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Hi! I’ve been away for a few days celebrating the new year! We had two days of new year holidays and then another two days for Shabbat… so four days of QUIET- no work no shops not many cars on the road… peace and quiet!

Lots of sea swimming and nature walking… HEAVEN!!!!!!

This morning I made these Pomegranante pancakes ( only one in the photo) in honour of the new year…

3 egg whites, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 scoop protein powder, half mashed banana, half pomegrante mashed in ( sort of..so the pancake had a bit of crunch coz i didn;t squash all the seeds), baking powder, bit of water- rest of the pomegranate on top!

I melted a teeeenny tiny bit of coconut oil in a pan and poured half the batter in. The pancake puffed up- i thought for a moment it was going to explode! It sort of poofed down and turned out really good! The second pancake turned into pancake mush because I didn;t re-oil the pan and i thought it was a non-stick. ye.. turns out it wasn’t. So I had pancake + pancake mush for breakfast!

So after a fun relaxing few days….

people tea

doggy tea

i made a new labrador friend.

Back to reality tomorrow!

Happy New year everyone 🙂