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Hi guys,

I have been a member at my new gym for ONE WEEK and I have had 5 different people ask me things like… what sport I play? Do I do crossfit? Am  I  a PROFESSIONAL athlete??!! ok maybe he was hitting on me  or something because thats a bit of an over exaggeration. But its not often you see girls in the weights room- well at my gym atleast. I am usually the only one. I’ve seen maybe two other girls train with free weights and then they are doing silly things like bicep curls with 2kgs. Most girls are doing zumba or something trying to get ‘toned’. It makes me sad- but i’m not a trainer anymore so I cant go around tell them zumba is not going to get them toned.

So girls if you want RESULTS… channel your inner athlete and train HARD!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two workouts:

This is a GREAT back workout!

Because I am easing into training after being sick and am still coughing a little- all my reps were quite high- about 10-12

* deadlift- olympic bar + 30kg

* bent over rows ( olympic bar + 10kg) -underhand grip

* 1 arm dumbell row

* bent over rows with 2 plates

* chin ups

* some medicine ball throws

Legs + GLUTES:

This I did yesterday.. I woke up UNABLE TO MOVE. My glutes are on FIRE:

dynamic warm up:

* Hip thrusts

*elevated back leg lunges

*Barbell hip thrusts

* back leg on a bench, front leg on a box lunges

* Interval training: 30 secs on 15 off x 6 rounds of:

jump lunges and sumo squats onto a bench ( stand with your legs over the bench- so the bench is inbetween both legs and hop up)

* Goblet squat

* back lunge with a front kick