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Helloo everyone..

This dinner was AMAZING

So amazing I made it twice in a row!! ( ok I had left over meatballs.. but I didn;t have to use them in the same meal.)

Chicken meatballs: 500g lean mince chicken, 1 chooped onion, cumin, hot paprika, 1 clove garlic, 1 grated carrot

These went into the oven for about 30mins.. i sprayed the tin foil with olive oil spray and they rolled right off when they came out the oven!

Then I made pasta sauce… very basic- crushed tomatoes, paprika, oregano and thats it. usually I take time over the sauce but i was tired and didnt have the energy- but it came out DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

I cooked up the zucchini pasta in the sauce and was in food HEAVEN. I really love zucchini pasta… can you tell? its just so good… and leaves you feeling light with lots of room for dessert. Oh look… here it is again!