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Hi guys!

Here is the DELICIOUS chocolate mousse cake I made the other day. This was GREAT post workout.. and post dinner. er.. and post breakfast 🙂


I was looking for a way to make a healthier version of chocolate mousse and found this recipe and then played around with it.

The base was based (ha!) off my raw tehina cookies minus the tehina…

So almonds and dates in the blender… and then pressed into a container to make a base.

( I can’t remember quantities… maybe 40 almonds and 12 dates? something like that- you can go with what looks and tastes about right for the size of your dish!)

Chocolate mousse:

1 big block of firm tofu

1 serving of baby food- apple 🙂

a bit of vanilla

a tbsp of mollases

drizzle of agave syrup

cocoa powder

coconut butter- about a tbs

(again.. I just went with what tasted good- no particular measurements)

Into the blender….

Then layered onto the base and into the fridge!

I took so many photos because they all came out blurry… i thought the more i take the better the chances of one coming out ok will be- but no.

So tasty, so simple, so healthy… !