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Hi guys,

So winter in Israel is definitely on its way…

how do I know?

3 reasons:

1. THESE were spotted in the supermarket

Crembo- a winter treat

CREMBO TIME!!!!!!!! As delicious as these are… the first sighting of them can be a little bit sad because you know summer is on its way out. But the opposite happens around March ( the 1st this year to be exact- because thats my birthday and I was GREATLY disappointed this year) when suddenly you’re can’t find them ANYWHERE- then you know… Summer is coming!!

2. I wore JEANS today… wow. AND when I arrived at work after a 10min walk from the bus… I didn;t arrive in a pool of sweat.

3. It rained.

So my shoulder workout for today was this:

warm up

* a few push ups

*clean and press

* renegade row

* squat into shoulder press

* 1 arm dumbell clean -10 kg

* weighted santana push ups

* burpees into shoulder press

* floor wipers- I’ve gone on about these in the past but now that I know how to LINK thanks to Khushboo… I can now show you a video of what Floor Wipers look like 🙂

*some medicine ball throws… check out erin stern doing these!

I finished off with some stretches and a little bit of foam rolling.

When I got home I was RAVENOUS… check tomorrow for the AMAZING post workout meal…. I’ll give you a clue.. it was chocolatey.. and moussey.. and cakey… and just delicious.

Happy WEEKEND and Shabbat SHALOM!!!