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Today I joined a new gym! I LOVE joining new gyms!! Its been a while now that I’ve actually stayed in one gym longer than 2 years… ! The first gym I joined when I started training seriously was Les Mills… of the body pump/ body attack/ bodybalance  fame… ( as well as RPM ( LOVE), bodyjam…). I LOVED that gym. It was the Gold’s gym of New Zealand. You can see the amazing Erin Stern training at Les Mills Here. The problem was that it was located in the city which when I graduated from University, was a bit of a shlep to go to. So I changed gyms to one closer… a year there and after that I started working there as a personal trainer/ spinning instructor! I worked there for a year and then moved jobs to the city so moved gyms AGAIN ( although I still trained there from time to time because I taught spinning). There was a period where I just didn’t even pay gym memberships because I taught spinning and gym hopped… that was fun! And now in Israel I am onto gym number FOUR in 2 and a half years!

My new gym even has a little health cafe in it!

I like this new gym.. it has lots of fun things in it!


* medicine balls + wall for throwing them at

* trx straps!!

* 2 pull up stations

* upstairs stretching level that has a matress as the floor- super comfy!!

There are a few weird things though… the weights are all in LBS… really confusing for me coz I have to figure it all out coz I am used to kilos

The cables can;t be ADJUSTED!!! WHAT???? its either up or down- so my favourite seated cable rope lat pulldown exercise is out. very sad…

So each gym has its pros and cons… this last year I spent training at the worst gym I have EVER trained in. BUT I found a silver lining and had great workouts there… it was such a dump I could do whatever I wanted and pushed machines around to do sled pulls, it had a skipping rope (big points) and it was empty half the time.. especially on Ramadan. That was fun- I had it all to myself mostly!

So my top requirements:

*BIG weight training space so you’re not on top of 5 million meathead guys + mirrors so you can check your form

*Squat wrack

*Pull up  and dip station

*medicine balls ( coz you can do cool stuff with them- like pushups with your hands on the ball and you feet on a swiss ball)

* Space to move… bunny hops/ walking lunges

* Good place to stretch

*Spin bike that can be used at all times.. not locked away in a room

And a GOOD variety of weights… not like my old dump of a gym that went from 4.5kg to 7.5kg to 9.5 to 12 etc…

So after a BIG glass of water and this:

Into a pot:1/4 cup millet with 3/4 water, grated zucchini, cocoa powder, chia seeds, half banana, cottage cheese. Toppings: 1/4 tsp coconut butter, tsp mollasas, coffee

I am off to train 🙂



What are your TOP requirements for a gym? Worst gym you ever trained in??