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Hi guys!!!!!!!!

Is there anything more annoying than this….

There goes my bus...

Oh wait- maybe

and again...

Anyways it gave me time to buy my little Prince this:

It was either pink or purple... poor boy.

And then once I was ON the bus

I was so jealous of this man's nectarine... it looked SO good. I was just watching it being eaten bit by bit and wanted it for myself!! really weird.


I am SO excited because FINALLY FINALLY I am working out again and my metabolism has woken up.

For the whole two and a bit weeks I did no exercise I just wasn’t hungry.. ever. It makes sense though.. I am a little person and don’t need too much food to keep me going if I am not working out. Small problem- I like to eat!Not that that stopped me… but its just an interesting thing that I’ve never given too much thought to because I have never taken so long off training before. Now I understand when people say.. ‘oh I forgot to eat breakfast this morning’ or…’ oh is it lunch time? I’m not so hungry’. I NEVER forget to eat.. and my stomach is always FULLY aware of what food time it is!

It just goes to show how clever the body is and how EXERCISE really influences the internal processes that go on behind the scenes.

Its nearly new year here ย and we got the celebrations off to an early start at work the other day…

apple and honey season ๐Ÿ™‚

So in honour of the new year about to be upon us.. I need to tighten up my diet just a tteeennyy bit because next week I’m not going to give a damn! If I clean it up now it means that two days of ( ok four days most likely because then we go straight into Shabbat) eating whatever and whenever won’t make much of a difference. The body likes to maintain homeostasis so if every two weeks you go wild and eating anything and everything you want- your body will most likely stay the same. ( fun nutrition fact)- to be clear thats just one day..I probably won’t get away with 4 days but who cares it will be Fun!

My diet is clean 80% of the time… but i’ve been trying to keep it 90% clean. Like this:

Veggie bake with egg whites, cream cheese and a pomegranate on the side ๐Ÿ™‚

Salad, tilapia and sweet potato

Oats, eggwhites, half a banana, tsp of mollases, tsp peanut butter, chia seeds and green tea

Happy training ๐Ÿ™‚