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Hi guys

Today I  have two great recipes for you! Both are REALLY delicious as well as SUPER healthy.

But first- a little rant:

I won’t be made to feel like I’m doing something wrong because I eat healthy food- I like to nourish my body and give it the nutrients that it needs to be strong, to perform well and to be supple and healthy. I also like to look a certain way and I’m lucky enough that that comes as a by-product of eating good healthy food and working out hard. So my primary goals lead to the secondary goals. Score!! its kinda strange how people look at you like you are some health-freak and make comments like… oh you are so healthy.. oh you just eat salad ( sorry love- just eating salad doesn’t help me knock out pull ups in the park while taking my dog for a walk). I don’t make comments about your diet- so why do you feel the need to comment on mine? or peer over my shoulder at my food as if its weird?? ok – i’ll give you that one, mashed banana, oats, cottage cheese and cinnamon looks kinda weird when you;re eating it out of a tuperware on a bus/ bench/ class- but I travel intercity for uni! I need to eat breakfast on the go sometimes!

Anyways my whole babble is just to say ( as I have said a few times before) eating healthy doesn;t need to be your typical ‘diet food’. In my world- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘DIET’.

Dieting is Stupid- silly- ridiculous- redundant- pointless..anything else?

Just eat natural, whole foods and feed your body the way it was meant to be fed.

Something like this maybe…

Baked tilapia with veggies, on a bed of zucchini and spinach

I cooked up my zucchini pasta and spinach in a drizzle of olive oil, baked some tomatos and wrapped tilapia up in foil with lemon, fresh parsley, garlic, onions and a bit of chopped up zucchini and hot paprika.

greens! In my new pretty pan I got as an early new year's present!!

tilapia, parsley, onion, garlic, lemon, paprika - the first one I did the paprika all kinda fell out: but luckily for me my boyfriend is mexican so he got that one! And then asked me... wow isn;t this too spicy for you? I finally did it- made something spicy enough for him!

wrapped up and ready to go in the oven.

This was demolished WAY too quickly…. oh well… the quicker I got to eat dessert!!!!

Dessert was a big chocolate mush and didn;t photograph too well- but DAMN did it taste good. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended…

Chocolate blob of mush for dessert

This was one serving… thank goodness I made enough for 2 people and 2 people only because otherwise I would have just eaten and eaten and eaten until I turned into a chocolate blob of mush.

1 banana

1/2 cup of oats

cocoa powder

drizzle of agave syrup

2 teaspoons coconut butter

1 tablespoon peanut butter

In the Fridge

Oh the cool moussey texture…. to DIE FOR.

My little prince got dessert too! Yummy treats in his kong which kept him busy for ages 🙂

Diet Shmiet

Happy Happy day