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I woke up to this...

Hi guys!

I’ve mentioned before that I work with mentally disabled people. last night I did a double shift (eeeek) from 1pm until 8am this morning. So I have to wake up all my housemates and give them breakfast, make sure everyone does their chores and goes off to work in an orderly fashion. One of my lovely ladies woke up SUPER early today ( 4am) because she is going home for the holidays- a whole month at home! we have a TON of holidays coming up soon… New year and lots of others. So she was super excited and decided to spread the love to all the other housemates with a smiley salad šŸ™‚

I am super excited because I learnt how to do this thanks to the lovely khushboo!!!!Ā I’m not so technically savvy… thankfully I do know how to make REALLY delicious lean bolognaise!!

zucchini pasta, mince chicken bolognaise and salmon cakes in the background

The sauce was DELISH

*minced chicken

*tomato puree

*lots of mushrooms

* black olives

* red and yellow peppers

*paprika, black pepper, bay leaves (2), garlic, onion

I always cook up the onion in a bit of garlic first and then add the chicken, the tomato puree and then the rest of the veggies.


I LOVE this recipe

Today is exactly TWO WEEKS since my last workout… kinda insane. I might do an easy bodyweight workout today and see how I feel.. but I am 100% BACK in the gym on Sunday yayyyyyyyyy

happy day everyone