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Hello friends!

I hope you are all in better health than I am. My voice is non-existent and I am still coughing and spluttering and all in all not looking so hot. And the most frustrating part is that I have had TEN days- yes- TEN DAYS off the gym and its driving me crazy!!! I Just want to get back in there and start rocking it again.

But having said that.. I also want to breathe through my nose, taste my tea, take my dog for a run, not wake up at 4am from a coughing fit and not be able to go back to sleep, not have people treat me like Β a lepur and so forth ( to quote my granny). So its not just working out I want to get back to.. its LIFE. I want to get back to rocking LIFE!!!

On that note… I want to talk about exercise addiction.

I am 100% addicted to exercise… but in a good way! I love it- the gym is my home away from home. Its the place where I unwind, relax, feel confident, lose myself in myself for a few hours and most important- have FUN!!! So when I don’t go- sure I miss it. But I don’t stress out about it. (At least not anymore.)

If you don’t exercise for ten days… nothing will happen to you. Yes thats right- you will NOT gain 10 kilos ( and the proof is in my abs and please note I ate an entire jar of honey in 3 days), you will NOT lose your strength – I was a bit naughty yesterday and tested this out whilst walking my little hoppity dog in the park: ( sorry – recycled photo.. but this is what I did-even in the very same spot)

I still managed to bang out 10 chin-ups.. even in my sickly state.

So- I know the idea of missing a workout is scary- I’ve been there!! The very idea used to freak me out and instill the fear of death in me. But over the years I have learnt to chill out and calm down- yes missing a workout is annoying, but then so is missing masterchef because you got home late from work. Its also annoying when someone takes out the rubbish and doesn’t replace the rubbish bag. Its also annoying when your dog pees on your foot out of excitement when you get home late from work (and miss masterchef).

Missing a workout should only be annoying because its a fun thing you like to do that you can’t do for a little while. It should NOT upset you because you feel like you will have lost all your hard work, gain weight, lose muscle, lose fitness, get thrown off your plan, start eating crazy out of control like because you’re off your routine…you should still be completely in balance! And know that very soon you will get straight back into the swing of things and keep making those awesome gains in your strength, fitness, well-being and health.

Respect your body- if you are sick… let it recover without feeling guilty!

The end.

I have some AMAZING recipes for you this week!! Take your daily vitamins and always pack a spare cardigan just in case.