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Top of the morning to you all!

For the 4th day in a row I have been awake bright eyed and bushy tailed ( ok more like sniffling and coughing and sneezing) at 4am. 4am for goodness sakes!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell is awake at that time?? NO-ONE!!! Luckily for me my mum ( funnily enough my dad too) lives in New Zealand ( home of the rugby world cup 2011 YEAAAHH and the cutest cavalier king charles spaniel EVER, monsieur LUCA in all his noble glory.) so the time zones kinda work if I’m up at 4am. So I got to talk to my mummyy!!! YAY that always a good way to start the day.

So today I wanted to ramble a little about the wonder of the Egg. Such little gems they are- they taste good, they are really healthy, so versatile and the ultimate comfort food. They have the whole package. If there was a food x-factor I’m pretty sure the egg would take it home.

There is never a time I don’t feel like eggs- in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.. er. ok.

Omlette with cottage cheese, spinach and tomatoes.

A little protein pudding… 2 egg whites, protein powder, baking powder and a banana- whizzed up in the mircrowave ( i realllyyy need to stop using that evil machine)

This is a sad story because i CAN’T remember what this is??!! It had egg whites… pretty sure it had protein powder.. definitely baking powder and cocoa powder… bananas maybe?? buckwheat flour?? damn. And it was super yummy. Sorry.. it probably wasn’t fair to post this picture- but it was so good. It is like a memorial to the protein pancake of sorts that was.

french toast

Well maybe calling this french toast is a bit of a stretch… but when you’re not feeling so hot there is nothing quite like cutting a hole into a piece of bread, putting it into a pan with a little olive oil spray, cracking an egg into the whole and then sprinkling a ton of cinnamon on top!

2 eggs and some grapes- great mid morning snack

Table Mountain

I just found this pic on my computer and had to put it in- completely unrelated to eggs! But Cape Town is the most beautiful city- who can spot the seal in the water??!!!

And some time next week I will have the ultimate breakfast/ lunch/ dinner egg recipe to take on ALL egg recipes.

In the meantime.. keep training hard eating clean ( most of the time!)

Happy Thursday