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oven baked salmon cakes

This is my favourite go to quick meal that is just packed with all the deliciousness of salmon along with quality protein and fat.

I use canned salmon ( 2 cans)- 1 chopped up onion, 1 egg, lots of fresh dill, paprika, cracked pepper and lots of lemon juice.

Roll them into balls and pop them into the oven until they are a nice golden colour.

So the other day I did this workout..and didnt get very far: ( due to being a bit ill and thinking I was fine- you know how some parts of the day you feel better? so clearly I wasn’t better and stopped half way through)

I think this would be a great workout.. I really want to give it a try but I’m still taking another few days off training…EEEKK tomorrow will be a WEEK!!

  • side lunge and a leg lift x 20 on each leg ( when you lunge to the right, come back up and bring the right knee to the left elbow)
  • burpees x20
  • jump lunges x 20
  • tricep dips x10
  • hip thrusts x 20 ( or a glute bridge if you can’t do the hip thrust without feeling it in your hammies or back)
  • squat jumps x20
  • mountain climbers x100

REPEAT x 5- no idea what i was thinking trying to do this workout without being 100% recovered, I thought it was going to be easy…it might be actually- I have no idea! Give it a try and let me know.. 🙂

YES tomorrow is FRIDAYYYYY wooohoooo

Happy Happy day everyone