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Black lentil and red rice burger

Hi everyone!!

I made these burgers the other day… and they were really yum. Not perfect… but yum. They were a little too mushy on the inside and thats because I blended all the ingredients. Next time I think I will blend the lentils and not the rice. I used rice and lentils because together they make a complete protein which is really important if you are vegetarian. I used to be veggie for 15 years and always combined grains and legumes to get a full protein.

red rice cooked with a bit of sea salt, black lentils cooked with paprika, bay leaves, tumeric: fresh parsley and into the blender!

into the oven ( i put them in for about 25 mins but each oven varies)- 180 degrees

Spelt pancakes with olives to go with it... ( spelt flour, water, sea salt, olives - not measured.. just thrown in till it looked about right)

They were really yum- just a bit soft on the inside.

I used 2 1/4 cup cooked rice and 2 1/4 cup cooked lentils.

I’m writing this up a few days later… so I can;t remember how many burgers it made but we were 3 people.. and there were a few left over.