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Hey guys!!

I have another healthy recipe for you!

I learnt this from one of the ladies at my work ( I work with people who have special needs). I adore all these women I work with- they are so special and give so much of themselves to the people we look after. Because I am ‘the child’ (yes I am the child… 27 years old) I am never allowed to cook. I think they think I don’t know how. Nevermind that I’m 27 and have been living in a foreign country on my own for nearly 3 years…!!! I’ve gotten into trouble in the past because I expressed my concern for the amount of oil that was going into the food. Because we have 21 people in the house we work in- 21 tablespoons of oil go into the pan…


I really have spent a good many years on trying to calm down and relax about food and not be a crazy health freak- but COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! There really is no need for that amount of oil. Its a food crime. Why take something healthy like beautiful vegetables… and then plop them into a pan with half a bottle of oil??!! why why whyyyyy. Another food crime is putting butter on your baked potato… WHY??? the potato is an AWESOME vegetable that has gotten a bad name for being ‘fattening’. well yes.. of course it will be if you slather it in butter. Pasta… another one that has a bad name- why??? because people drown it in cream sauce!!!!!! Ok- everything in moderation- a bit of butter on your baked potato won’t kill you- but you really are better off putting cottage cheese. anyways… back to the post at hand.

This YUMMY YUM YUM recipe I learnt from a wonderful woman at work: I omitted half the bottle of oil she liberally threw in and I went for 2 tablespoons of olive oil:


Lean meat, onion, parsley, spices: paprika, cumin, corriander, pepper, bit of salt, 2 tablespoons of olive oil

kneed it like dough

make a little ball and then roll it along one hand with the other to make a cylindrical kebab shape ( have a bowl of water next to you to dip your hands in after each one so they don't stick)

Line them up onto a baking tray- ( I made more then 8!) and put them into the over for 15 minutes

These are so great with a salad and some brown rice. Enjoy!!!

What do you guys think are food crimes?? I mean.. there are fashion crimes ( hair scrunchies, socks with sandals etc) so why not food crimes?? ( included in my list is putting a dirty knife into the peanut butter jar- or any other condiment jar for that matter, pouring ketchup over amazingly cooked delicious food etc…)

Happy day xxxx