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There is so much weird and wonderful information out there about the secret to great abs. And it really is simple ( ok it is a lot of hard work- but the essence of it is simple).

1. TRAIN Hard and SMART-big compound exercises, High intensity Interval training

2. EAT CLEAN!!!! that means eating whole foods, and of course portion control.


I made this amazing dinner last night…

chicken with zuchini pasta and raw pasta sauce

Chicken: cooked in lemon juice, paprika and a bit of olive oil

zuchinis peeled to make pasta:

Into a pan with pepper, sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil

Tomatos into a big pot of hot water out the kettle

until they look something like this:

now you can peel them

Pop them into the blender with some Β garlic ( i’m not Β a huge fan so I didn;t put in that much), sea salt, cracked black pepper and a TON of fresh basil and a dollop of olive oil

blend away... for the most amazing pasta sauce on EARTH- I learnt this many years ago from an AMAZING chef. I can't take the credit for this recipe πŸ™‚

This dinner was SO delicious and full of flavour- whoever says eating healthy doesn;t taste good NEEEDS to make this ( and some of my pancakes) and then try and tell me that.