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Hello and Happy day!

Today was one of the most ridiculous days I think I have ever experienced- ok perhaps another wild exaggeration but it was RIDICULOUS!!!! To cut a whole drama short it involved working until 1pm straight from a night shift and somewhere inbetween running home to pick up my dog who spent the morning with me at work. Not that he minded… he loves making friends. See below….

I'll just sit on a stranger's lap whilst enjoying the bus ride...woof

So generally hectic day= make pancakes for lunch.

Enter passionfruit pancakes…


Buckwheat… gooooood


passionfruit + buckwheat to make pancakes…. OMG

3 tablespoons buckwheat flour

the smallest banana on the planet ( it was a mini banana)

1 passion fruit

a blob of cottage cheese

1tbsp chia seeds and 2 tbsp water

1 egg white

a sprinkle of flax seeds

more water until the batter looked about right 🙂

The pancakes turned out pretty gooey- I think it need baking powder and perhaps another egg white or a bit more flour. But they were still DELISH.

Once they were cooked ( in a bit of olive oil) I mixed greek yoghurt with another passionfruit and drizzled it over the pancakes.


Today was a rest day..no workout except for my doggy’s walks. I am contemplating taking 3 days off… but we will see how that turns out!

YAY for the weekend… woohooo 🙂

( not sure why I am getting excited- I am working right through it)

But BIGGER YAY for the new season of X-Factor UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who watches those silly ( awesome) shows…??!!