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Good morning πŸ™‚

Some people are morning people, whilst others are not- and it is best not to text them when you are all up and perky and raring to go (unless you want a rude text back- my sister *ahem*)

I LOVE the mornings…so full of hope and opportunity, crispness and clarity, breakfasts, turkish coffee and green tea…. a whole day of eating ahead… its beautiful.

Today I decided to set off early with my little doggy for his walk. He gets 3 walks a day ( plus little pee outings here and there) , 2 shorter ones and one long one at night. I am working a night shift tonight so I thought it would be better to get in little doggy’s long walk first thing in the morning when its a little bit (ye right) cooler and less muggy than the evenings.

Due to the sad fact that I have had NO Β peanut butter for a WHOLE WEEK -which is a travesty we had to buy some.

First stop: favourite shop.

CLOSED!!! and i can see the peanut butter on the second shelf....its calling my name, it wants to be eaten. it NEEDS to be eaten.

Nothing to do but stand and take wistful photos through the glass

green tea πŸ™‚

Ok enough staring stupidly as though the shop would just magically open by itself.

Time for plan B. Health store further down the road…

A few sites along the way ( and oh if the camera could only capture smells)

Oh the amazing smell coming out of this shop… and every second store exactly like it on main street….

There is one of these on every corner... and my little city has a super cute fresh market too!

Final Destination: dog friendly health store:

Spelt flour, buckwheat flour, amaranth, millet, oats, HUGE TUB of peanut butter

Barley grass shot: A toast to the morning with the shop owner... oops nearly forgot to take a photo!

On the way home we walked past the main synogogue of the city

Morning prayers

a few metres down the road: The social Justice protest that spilled over from Tel Aviv ( did you see it on the news? perhaps not the news only likes to show Israel as a big baddy. But this was somthing pretty special)

Looks like the guy passed out on the couch missed his morning prayers

the cause is awesome.. but perhaps getting a job and earning money (instead of camping outside the city council and having street parties at night) might help a bit.

walk home through the park

I love this dog’s ears. Actually I love his everything. Little light of my life.

Slightly disturbing


I adore this peanut butter because the ingredient list has a grand total of ONE INGREDIENT- peanuts. Yep thats it. And thats why I heart it.

Leg day today woohooo favourite workout πŸ™‚

How was your morning? Whats on the workout cards for the day?