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This morning started off rather deliciously ( as usual)

buckwheat breakfast love with 1/2 banana mashed in, 1/4 cup of cottage, tons of cinnamon, chia seeds and green tea

Lately ( and by that I mean the last 3 workouts) I’ve been going back to more traditional bodybuilding style workouts. I’m not really the greatest fan of them for a few reasons.

1. they bore me

2. they aren’t the most functional- to split up your body?? why? your body works as a WHOLE so why not train it as a WHOLE

3. I get better results with circuits, big compound moves, High Intensity Interval training, Mish mash of jump rope and plyometrics, body weight moves etc… not the traditional back/ biceps, chest/triceps, legs, shoulders/abs and silly amounts of cardio

But having said all that… Its been so long since I worked out that way I decided to try and shock my system a little- keep it on its toes!!

Today I did a back workout:

Pull ups

wide lateral pulldowns

bent over barbell rows (wide)

bent over dumbell rows (narrow)

narrow pulldowns on the cable with a rope

1 set of 21’s

weighted v-sits.

This sign always helps me push harder:

This sign always gives me a little pick me when my workout starts to get the better of me: First the spirit breaks and only after does the body.... So ye: if i'm tired- its probably in my mind!!This is a little reminder to push through- go for the last rep, add a little more weight, do an extra set!!!

Best hot chocolate... cocoa powder, a bit of skim milk, agave syrup- although not sure what possessed me in the heat of the summer.

Its been a trying day- make that few weeks- to say the least. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more clarity. But in the meantime I’m off to hang with my awesome dog and remember that my spirit will break before my body does…so I need to keep my chin up…keep smiling… keep going… it will all be O-K!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy day 🙂