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My heart told me two things this morning:

1. Don’t go to the gym- you’re tired and have been feeling weak all week (ha!) so REST

2. Make some oatmeal- its been way too long and it is your first love. You can’t neglect the oatmeal.

Well I listened to Mrs. Heart on the second thing ( 1/4 c oats, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, cocoa powder, 1tbsp chia seeds, protein powder and a plum)

Not so much on the first thing…

And I should have listened because what should have been an AMAZING workout due to a rather brilliant (if I do say so myself) routine… turned out to be not so fun because I was tired and struggled through it.

warm up: 5mins

Bench press

pull ups

step ups with a side lift

20 mins interval training: My timer was set for 15 seconds rest 45 seconds work and I did 4 rounds of the following:

*jump rope

*jump lunges

* plank position and same knee to same elbow (alternating sides)

* squat to shoulder press

* weighted side lunges ( but fast- like side lunge jumps)

and Tomorrow I’m going to be using my new oven for the first time wwooohooo you should all be VERY excited to see whats coming 🙂

Have a peaceful and restful weekend xxxx