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Breakfast Love

Hello and Happy happy day 🙂

I am living in two apartments at the moment and it can be a little taxing on ones mental and emotional stability. Ok perhaps theres no need over-dramatisation – actually who am I kidding??? There is always a need for over-dramatisation.

Anyways- back to the point.  I know all I ever seem to post lately is breakfasts but thats because:

1. my new apartment has no internet yet and I am only in the old apartment in the mornings

2. I don’t have many kitchen utensils to make anything more than breakfasts and salads ( I am buying a whole lot of new pots and pans for the kitchen )

3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!!!!

This baby was whipped up in a matter of minutes:

quinoa cooked with mashed banana and chia seeds all nicely layered up with plums, yoghurt mixed with protein powder and cinnamon. This was seriously one of the most delicious breakfasts EVER.


This morning’s workout:

20 minutes on the spin bike

quick circuit of :

60 skips with the jump rope

goblet squat 15kg (squat and hold the dumbell out in front of you)

60 skips

1 leg deadlift 10kg x 2

60 skips

Repeat 3 times and DONE!!!

I was in the gym stretches and all for a grand total of 40 mins.

The circuit was awesome- I’ll definitely do it again in a workout or add in some other moves to make it longer.

You can modify this workout to take it outdoors- body weight squats and body weight single leg deadlift ( stand on one leg and reach down and touch your toes) with high knees/ jump jacks/ pretend jump rope.

Enjoy xxx