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Happy Tuesday everyone!

OK so I’m still on a buckwheat breakfast and quinoa pudding kick…

I'm a little embarassed to put this photo up... but it is was it is. And the breakfast was AMAZING

Cinnamon and raisin buckwheat porridge YEAAHHHH cooked with chia seeds, cottage cheese and half a banana. HEAVEN. BLISS. LOVE.. ye you get it.

Moving house (STILL) doesn't really allow for proper planning and cooking. So lunch is pretty much salad...every day- and in today's case it wasn;t even chopped up and the tuna was straight out of the can. And a little bit of Harry for dessert.

Yesterday was a good day- the salad was actually a salad- in a bowl. wow. with cutlery- woohooo living large. Chickpeas and tuna yum yum.

A little bit of shopping... black lentils, red rice, nuts and raisins and chia seeds, flaxseeds... DATES (heart).. mmm YUM

that lack of cutlery and crockery should not take away from the AMAZINGNESS of this chocolate pudding!!!!!!!

I don’t know the exact amounts but roughly:

1/8 cup of uncooked quinoa

cook that and add to:

1tbsp ish (prob a bit less) of coconut butter- oil that is solidified

1tbsp chia seeds

a splash of water

cocoa powder

a drizzle of agave syrup- you can use anything- honey, sugar, maple syrup

mix it all up and pop it into the fridge. I was too impatient to let it set and i just ate it in all its chocolatey sweet gooeyness.

Today’s workout:

I wasn’t feeling so great so I decided to just go to the gym and move. I should have known better… I get in the gym and its like I am possesed- I just wanna bust out hardcore moves and get my sweat on. I tried to control myself a little…

warmup and glute firing routiine ( clam, glute bridge and fire hydrant)

* jump rope- throught the whole session I kept doing 50 skips here and there inbetween sets

* bicep curls/ hammer curls (stupid exercise)

* tricep pushdowns (another stupid exercise)

* bodyweight dips ( an awesome exercise)

*weighted glute bridges (another awesome exercise)

Plyo bench jumps… my new favourite move. Stand with the bench between your legs and jump both legs up onto the bench

Some abs ( also kinda stupid- if you’re doing pushups and pullups and dips and all the other awesome big moves and PROPERLY engaging your abs- you don’t really need to do ab isolating exercises)

*sliding side lunges- side lunge with one leg on a towel to slide it away instead of stepping away. (brilliant exercise)


STUPID EXERCISES: these are faffy exercises like bicep curls and tricep pushdowns etc- why do you need to do them? you don’t. If you are doing your BIG MOVES- push ups, pull ups, bench presses, rows, bodyweight dips- you are getting bi and tri workouts right there. Why waste your time doing silly little moves to get half the results?

Think about the weight you can lift in a bicep curl… now think of how much you weigh- and how much your bicep has to work in a chinup to lift THAT weight. A whole lot more. That means more bang for you buck- bigger moves =

bigger calories being burned, more energy expenditure,more discomfort, more growth hormone released= more RESULTS.

Yes I know that the bigger muscles are there to do most of the work- but just saying… you don’t get ripped and in shape by faffing in the gym doing bicep curls and tricep pushdowns. TRUST ME. I did them today coz I never do them and felt like something different and didn’t have my usual strength for the big moves. Also I went in KNOWING that doing the curls and pushdowns weren’t going to get me the arms of my dreams (although i’m pretty happy with my arms the way they are!).

I see so many big guys trying to look all cool busting out the bicep curls (in the squat wrack for goodness sake- why are they taking up precious space), swaying all the way through the move.

1. dude- if you’re going to do a bicep curl then atleast make sure you stand up straight and don’t move your whole body. LOCK your abs and use your BICEPS.

2. If you can’t even do a chin-up- why the hell are you faffing around with bicep curls??? get on the assisted chin up machine and do a proper workout!! and get the results you want!!! Trying to look badass busting out the curls is back firing and you’re not getting any stronger.

Do you disagree with me? let me know… I have lots more exercises I think are stupid. I’ll keep those for another rant on another day. In the meantime go make that awesome chocolate mush goo pudding!!!!!!!!! Go go go!!!!!!!!

Train hard πŸ™‚