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raw buckwheat: soaked overnight in water with chia seeds, chocolate protein shake (vanilla with cocoa powder added) poured over and a chopped up plum

best start to the morning: buckwheat goodness and TEA

Big thick gooey glob of COOKED buckwheat, cooked with cinnamon and chia seeds: swimming in a pool of vanilla protein shake and plums yum yummy YUM

Definitely the Best for last….

REALLY bad photo- it was still piping hot and the glass had steamed up!! and moving- so suitcases in the background!

1/8 cup buckwheat

1/2 banana

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1tsp cocoa powder

All cooked up together

chia seeds added in last minute


blob of natural peanut butter to finish off.

SO GOOD and perfect for after the workout I did:

10 mins of the elyptical thing (how do you spell that??!!)

1 arm cable chest press x 3  ( 12-15 reps)

3 x upright rows 12 -15 reps

tricep dips 3 x 6 reps  supersetted with side to side low jumps off a box- 100 of these in one go

cable lateral pull downs- rope x 3 12-15 reps ( from sitting) supersetted with side to side low jumps off a box- 100 of these in one go

bent over rows with 2 10kg plates x 3 10 reps

I kept the reps in the higher range today to give my body a break and a bit of a change.

Happy day everyone 🙂