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This means the new year (atleast in my country ) is nearly here… and with the new year on its way all I can do is pray pray PRAY that it brings with it peace. We have had a really terrible weekend here- terrorists broke through our borders via Egypt and went on a terrorising rampage. We have also had rockets falling consistently – not that thats anything new- but its a very sad and scary time and I JUST PRAY peace will come soon.

I wasn’t really in a bloggy kinda mood but I though one of the symbols of the new year and rejuvenation might be good for today, the first day of the new week leading up to the new year.

pomegranates in the fridge make me (and my dog) VERY happy

Oh so many pretty colours.

Lots of colourful veggies, bulgarit cheese, black olives and the NUMBER ONE greatest fruit on Earth 🙂

getting ready to soak my buckwheat for breakfast 🙂

Did you know buckwheat is a FRUIT??? nope I didn’t know that 🙂

buckwheat soaked overnight with chia seeds, water, bit of protein powder. In the morning I added in cottage cheese and pomegranate.

Peace out