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Today I decided to make Mafroom-  a spectacularly unhealthy middle eastern dish. I really REALLY love this dish- so I gave it a personal trainer certified make-over.

sweet potato and chicken mafroom

Mafroom is potato stuffed with mince meat, dipped in flour and egg and fried up and then cooked in a big pot of yummy tomato sauce. Clearly this is not good for your heart and arteries and if you care about staying lean then this is probably not the greatest meal option either…. But coz it tastes SO GOOD so I gave it a clean eating makeover.

I cooked up minced chicken breast with onions, a bit of cumin, LOTS of fresh corriander, hot paprika and a dash of salt.

Boiled two sweet potatos

Cooked up a tomato sauce with 2 small cartons of tomato puree, bay leaves, cumin and corriander.

Once the chicken was ready and the sweet potatos soft, I cut the sweet potatoes in half and then sliced them into two- but not all the way down. HMmm… I am kicking myself I didn;t photograph step-by-step!!

Then I stuffed them with chicken and carefully popped them into the tomato sauce and let them cook a little bit more.

Result= DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Ok… so it wasn’t a REAL mafroom but you still got the whole mince and potatoes in tomato sauce awesomeness without any of the bad heart disease stuff!!

I have had two really bad workouts in a row. Well- Not bad I guess but I just wasn’t feeling it… it happens sometimes. Maybe its time to take a few planned rest days and come back stronger and better then ever!

Train hard 🙂