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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I had to do a million errands for my new apartment and travel inter-city to hand in my LAST ASSIGNMENT for the year!!! I still managed to keep my eating clean and fit in a workout: Here is how 🙂

Please excuse the horrendous photography that is about to follow… I was plunged into darkness and used the flash. AND will hopefully be in my new apartment TOMORROW but for now.. I am still sadly eating out of a glass with a big spoon. This needs to STOP.

So yesterday breakfast was this:

1/8 cup of buckwheat, 2 egg whites, 1tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, some of the apple cooked in and the rest chopped up to give crunch! and LOTS of sprinkled cinnamon.

After handing in my LAST ASSIGNMENT (woohooo), my doggy and I went to meet my friend Raquel who is here from New Zealand volunteering in Jerusalem for 2 weeks. I haven;t seen her for AGES and it was amazing to see her here in the beautiful holy land. We met up at the Jerusalem Market, my sister came along too.

I had my favourite salad from Aroma... following on from yesterday's post: I knew where I would be around lunch time, didn't have to stress out or worry- I just got a tuna salad from aroma! Simple and easy...ate a clean breakfast in the morning, was armed with fruit, nuts and protein powder in my bag for snacks and no STRESS no WORRY no crazy CONTROL FREAK stuff that just makes you look like the crazy fitness girl who is not fun to be around!

Bomba (my dog) is giving Raquel kisses!

Yesterday’s workout:


Superset day!

4 sets of deadlifts and 4 sets of 50 skips

gymboss timer set for 6 rounds of 30 seconds on 10 off:

Straight leg deadlifts and skipping

3 sets Dumbell chest press and 3 sets kettlebell swings

3 sets Hipthrusts and reverse leg lifts (lying flat down on the bench and lift your legs up- great for the hamstrings, glutes and lower back)

3 sets lateral pull downs and ab exercise: plank position, hands on a bench, opposite knee to opposite elbow.



A little after dinner, mid movie (coz I handed in my last assignment TODAY WOOOHOOOOO) snack….

I was going to save half the mango for today... didn;t happen! and then I moved on to a chia pudding! I made a small one... 1 and a bit tablespoons with a little milk, cocoa powder and honey 🙂 and as always TEA

Sleepy dog after a big day out in the AMAZING city of Jerusalem.

Rice Pudding

This was such a great breakfast and awesome way to start TUESDAY!!!

The night before (after burning one lot) I cooked up brown rice and cinnamon with some chia seeds. I kept adding in water through the cooking process: Result = cinnamony gooey rice

Overnight I mixed some vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, cocoa powder and water- this was in 1/3 cup so not a huge shake

In the morning I chopped up a plum and put some in the bottom, added in some rice pudding, added in a chia mush, more rice, more plums, more rice, poured over the rest of the shake, garnished with plums and ate. YUM.

I used about a 1/3 cup of cooked rice

* note: there was obviously too much water for the shake to thicken up so it resulted in a big glob of gooey yummy chia and just a normal shake which turned out well because it added it lots of different elements to the breakfast and pouring the shake over at the end was great because it seeped all the way down.

Let me know if you want nutrional breakdowns 🙂

Happy day,