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I love reading through fitness blogs and groups on facebook- it really helps to inspire me with new ideas .

Today I read something a little upsetting on one of my favourite facebook group’s wall… one of the girls wrote about how she was a little stressed at going to her parents’ house because they always had foods there that weren’t supportive of her healthy lifestyle and she could never resist.

Well- I need to have a little rant and a rave because this is a bit worrying.

I used to be exactly there- too afraid to go anywhere incase there were foods that I couldn’t eat/ didn’t want to eat because in my mind they would ruin my fitness and lean physique I had worked so hard for. I used to freak out, not go, bring my own food etc. This is UNHEALTHY. Yes my body was very healthy but my mind- not so much. Surely the whole point of eating clean and training hard is to have a healthy lifestyle? So what about a healthy mind-body balance?

Firstly- eating out of your usual routine every once in awhile will NOT affect your results and SECONDLY if you can’t control yourself when you are at someone else for dinner/lunch (whatever) then there is something wrong.

If the only way you can maintain your healthy lifestyle is by NOT going anywhere or bringing your own food… something is WRONG and you need to re-asses how healthy you actually are. This could be bordering a healthy eating obsession called Ortherexia.

Don’t get me wrong- I am all for being prepared and I pack healthy food with me on a daily basis. But when I am going to eat at someone for dinner, or spending the weekend at a friend, or going out to eat at a restaurant- I go with no stress and no worries and  do one of two things:

1. Make the decision to just relax for the day- not go over board but not stress if I eat something I wouldn’t normally have on a daily basis


2. Make healthier choices!!!

Thats all… It is not every single day that you are eating out or ‘have no control’… if you are afraid to be out of control of your food- this is not a healthy place to be. You need to sort that out!!!

And on that note… here is a yummy snack I had this morning

Vanilla Protein shake with chia seeds and an apple with cinnamon

Make sure you treat your mind with the same care and RESPECT that you treat your body with.

Have a great day, train hard and eat clean (95% of the time xxx)