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rainbow salad: chicken, chickpeas and TONS of veggies!!! Carbs: 30g Protein:40g fat: 4g calories: 311 (assuming you use 1/2 cup of chickpeas and 150g of chicken- I don't know how much my chicken weighed but I guess round about there)

YES its Thursday!!! That means the weekend is here… wwooohoooo!!

Today I did an absolutely AMAZING workout:

Upper body focus:

bench press x4 sets 30kg

lateral pull downs (cable rope and wide lats on the machine)

push ups – holding the barbell which was one the floor from the deadlifts

deadlifts x 3 sets 45kg

a few pull ups here and there

I finished up with this great high intensity interval circuit:

gymboss timer set for 12 rounds, 45 seconds on 15 seconds off

3 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

Jump rope


dynamic squat jumps off a box

weighted burpees (8kg)

Knowing there was a HUGE rainbow salad in the fridge at home was a gigantic motivator!!!

Below is the greatest store EVER- ok maybe not ever coz there are like a thousand of these on every corner.

You can find any grain/ seed/ nut/ dried fruit/ tea/ spice/ bean you want.

Number 2 happy place... after the gym

What is everyone up to for the weekend? I’m off to a friend and a final push on my very LAST assignment for the Uni year wwooohoooo

Train hard and eat clean 🙂