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no bowl and no baby spoon 😦 but A-W-E-S-O-M-E lunch. Yes I said lunch.

Moving apartments is not much fun- especially when half your stufff is in one place and the rest in another. I had to make do with one spoon, one bowl, glass mugs (which I despise) and a few other odds and ends. It is a bit of a challenging time but I’m trying to make sure positivity prevails!!

Last night I had to work a night shift so I woke up at work and landed up eating an egg salad for breakfast. That justified lunch being PORRIDGE.

Still having a bit of a love affair with buckwheat…

1/8 cup buckwheat

1/2 banana

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1tbsp chia seeds

1tsp cocoa powder

1 plum

YUM (rhyme)

This went down SO WELL after a really tough workout!!!

Sorry… no macro breakdowns! I uploaded this photo to drafts so I could post this tonight- and, strangely enough, I am not at home!!! So all my breakdowns are at home. If you are competing and desparately want the nutritional breakdown leave me a comment and I’ll let you know!

Today’s workout… a huge mish mash of all my favourite exercises! I just through it all in!!

This is GREAT for building strength and power!

Skipping- lots of it

SLED push and pulls- skipping in between x 6

pull ups -4 sets

tricep dips- 4 sets

deadlifts- 3 sets

burpee to clean and press- 3 sets

weighted glute bridges super setted with floor wipers- 3 sets

kettlebell sings super setted with sumo squat plyo bench jumps x 3 sets

ok…sumo squat plyo bench jumps:

I usually do squat jumps straight onto the bench- awesome exercise. Today I changed it up a bit-I stood over the bench ( one leg on each side of it) and jumped up onto it- I hope that makes sense. Basically the bench is in the middle of both legs and you squat down, butt almost touching the bench and then power up onto the bench.

I usually plan my workouts but today I didn’t feel like being tied down to a plan.

Do you plan your workouts in advance??

Train hard!!!