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So there was definitely something in the water in the resort for fun lovers (http://lovetotrain.com/2011/08/08/quinoa-cake-and-beach-bats/ ) :



But wait…. there is more!!!

twins again!!!!

OK… right. On to the good stuff.

buckwheat pancakes and protein chocolate sauce

These were delicious. I really need to learn some new adjectives.

Any recommendations????

ok.. back to the pancakes:

1/8 cup buckwheat-soaked maybe 2 hours

1tbsp chia seeds

2 eggs whites


bit of baking powder

I did something that I usually NEVER EVER DO (maybe thats why I have a pounding headache now)….blasted it all in the microwave (shudder). I am really ANTI. But I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday and thats what I did. I have forgiven myself.

Daily life lesson- ( well there isn;t a daily life lesson but here is one anyway):

Learn to forgive yourself!

The protein chocolate sauce is greek yoghurt mixed with cocoa powder and protein powder.

calories for the pancake:

177 ( yes thats all!!!)

Protein: 11.2


fat: 4.5

The chocolate sauce depends on the make of yogurt and protein scoop size you have.

Reg grapes are really yum and full of goodness: anti-inflammatory, good for the cardiovascular system, full of  anti-oxidants, have longevity and anti-aging benefits as well as anti-cancer and anti-microbial benefits- what a little super fruit! No need to drink wine and kill your liver- eat grapes!!!

Happy eating and train hard 🙂