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I did such a great workout today. I really wanted to do it for time but was pretty tired after not the greatest night’s sleep and the night before I had done a night shift – so all added up= not a happy me. So although I felt strong I just didn’t want to pressurise myself to get a good time.

warmup: glute isolation exercises

– barbell rows ( overhand grip- wide)


20 kettlebell swings

10 weighted burpees

12 barbell rows – same as above but with a lighter weight

20 jump lunges

8-12 weighted glute bridges

20 floor wipers

BREAK… repeat 4 more times.

I did some pull ups on the rings inbetween each round

I will DEFINITELY be doing this again so I can make it a time challenge!!!

Post workout snack:

I am well aware this looks gross... but 1/2 banana, Peanut butter and Protein powder is a winning combination!!!


whats in my handbag incase of emergencies..ALWAYS: bag of natural almonds, can of tuna, bag of protein powder, tea bags, workout/food log, a water bottle and abook-for when you get stuck at a bus stop .

It appears that I don’t need to worry anymore about taking a book with me. Thanks Kfar Saba city council…

Public Library at the bus stop.

I’m going away for the weekend so I’ll be back on Sunday with some more healthy recipes and workouts.

Train hard!!!