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So girls and boys… you go to spinning class and the teacher sux. He is either not on his bike at all, prancing around the room like G-d’s gift to humanity or he is on the bike doing his own workout. Perhaps he is good.. if you’re lucky.

So here are my TOP TIPS!!!!!!!

1. Keep your head up!! that way you can breathe… oxygen to your muscles= ability to train harder

2. Have a strong upper body position: back straight, shoulders back and down, elbows in- but all the weight should be in your legs.

3. Your butt should not stray to far away from the seat… even when you are doing a standing climb.

4. Think PUSH PULL…push down with your quads and pull up with your hamstrings.

5. If you are bouncing around you need to add more resistance. NEVER bounce around 🙂

5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF to an entire ride IN THE SEAT. Sitting and climbing is a whole lot harder then standing.

6. Play around with the resistance: go from spinning really fast with a lighter resistance to piling it on and pedaling as fast as you can (power training). When you add on resistance to do a standing climbe… try leaving it when you sit and work with that resistance seated.

I did an 18 minute interval workout on the spin bike today- 18 minutes was all it took to get a freaking PHENOMENAL workout.

Happy sweating 🙂