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Before I head off to the gym this morning…

Protein mocha!!

( teaspoon of coffee, teaspoon of cocoa powder and 1 scoop protein powder with a sprinkling of cinnamon)

When I was training to be a personal trainer many moons ago our lectures always used to say: Girls want to be tight toned and terrific and boys Big and buff.

So ladies ( and guys) … try this workout:

Dumbell presses supersetted with sled pushes (and pulls) ( I used two 15kg dumbells and 20kg on the calf raise machine as a sled) x4

bent over dumbell rows ( 2 10gk plates) x4

superset with:

Farmer’s walk ( 2 x20kg)x 3 around the gym

weighted step ups and side leg lift x3

clean and press x4

superset with:

tricep dips… off the dip station. x4

10 minutes interval training: I set my gymboss for 10 rounds of 15 seconds off 45 seconds on. I did skipping and push ups.

The pushup rounds I did

1. regular pushups

2. jump tuck- pushup

3. burpees with a push up

4. regular pushups

5. jump tuck-pushup

I didn;t really take many breaks. Keep it moving!!

This came to work with me for dinner and breakfast…. eeeeek 3pm-8am shift!!!!

raw tofu and grape salad

buckwheat and peach breakfast... again out of a container on a bench.

Buckwheat, chia seeds, protein powder and a peach. YUM

Happy day xxxx