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chocolate pudding for breakfast????

I had a little bout of insomnia last night. Not sure why. But my suspicions are that I knew what was awaiting me in the morning…. chocolate sprouted quinoa!!!

I soaked 30g quinoa overnight with 1tbsp of chia seeds and in the morning cooked it up with some cottage cheese, 1 date and a bit of cocoa powder. Then I added in a few spoons of greek yoghurt and sprinkled with some vanilla protein powder. I also added in a bit of my left over chocolate cake fail that actually turned out rather delicious in its failure!!!! I will have the REAL recipe for you next week! So for now the nutrition counts are excluding the cake. This was a teeeny teeensy bit too rich for me… but really good all the same!!





This salad came with me to work…

egg salad with almonds

High protein dinner:

tofu, veggies and a sprinkling of chia seeds

Gym time!! Heavy day- LOVE heavy day.

Amy xxx