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Happy MONDAY!!! I love Mondays… Yep coz for me Mondays Are actually Tuesdays and SUNDAYS are Mondays. So i’m done with Sunday…wwoohhooo. I mean now that I don’t work in a horrible office mon-fri 9-5 its not like I mind so much what day of the week it is. But psychologically….Monday is no fun until you live somewhere where Monday is Tuesday. ( even though Tuesday was always the worst day of the week… I mean its not Monday which you can kinda stumble through but its such a long way away from the weekend- its the beginning of the week equivalent to Thursday)

Ok enough of my weekday theories…Best way to start the day (or week) is with porridge. Nevermind the heat or the humidity. Get some a/c action and eat your porridge 🙂

oh wow...look at that volume.

Buckwheat is the ruling grain in my kitchen lately. I can’t get enough of this aromatic grain with its nutty flavour.

1/8 cup buckwheat, 1/2 banana, 1tbsp cottage, 2 egg whites – the end.

I soaked the buckwheat over night and added more H2o in the morning.

Mashed in the rest of the ingredients- egg whites towards the end, and cut up a bit of apple (not the whole thing- maybe a quater) to garnish- coz as much as I love mushy porridge I love crunching things. I sprinkled cinnamon at the end.

Usually I cook in chia seeds and cinnamon but thought i’d try a different approach this morning.





This week is my Heavy week in the gym.

I started off yesterday with :

Pull ups- 30 ( I did 20 and then inbetween my deadlifts I did some more)

Bench Press


I repeated the following circuit 4 times:

Plyo pushups

Single leg deadlifts

Cable – rope Lateral pull downs (I just simply cant get enough of this exercise… I just feel my back working so much)

50 Mountain climbers

Today will be spinning ( on my own of course)

Whats on your workout plate for the day?

Happy MONDAY!!!