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I made a rather exciting discovery yesterday!! Quinoa can be eaten raw as sprouts 🙂

Fancy that!!! I landed up cooking it anyway because I wanted to add in some egg whites… but I will definitely try them out in their sprouted form.

Like any amazing discovery….electricity, radium- it happened by accident. Well I actually have no idea if those were by accident but I accidentaly soaked my quinoa overnight thinking it was oats/ buckwheat/ rice.

And lo! In the morning when I realised my silly (I mean brilliant) mistake- the quinoa had little sprouties!!!! My first thought was -oh G-d what if its poisonous. So google came to the rescue and I am still alive to tell the tale: This photo doesn’t show the little sprouties but I promise they are there:

1/4 c quinoa, 2 egg whites, a few walnuts, 1 plum and a sprinkle of raisins:

calories: 386

Protein: 14.2

carbs: 50.3

fats: 8.6

Again… high carbs so adjust your next meal accordingly 🙂

Happy day xxxx