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eating on a park bench. classy.

er… yes you read correctly.

I am a little -ok fine- a lot obsessed with tea. GOOD tea that is. Don’t be offering me any wizkofskys K**P ( i like spelling that word with a K no idea why-always have done and most likely always will- not that I make a habbit of using bad words).

And as I grew up in the commonwealth ( does that have anything to do with it?) I like it STRONG with a bit of milk. Thanks.

But I also love rooibos ( what self respecting ex-south african doesnt???) and GREEN TEA. I adore green tea. I am convinced it levels out my blood sugars and it just makes me happy. It is also packed with tons of anti-oxidants.

So I thought to myself how can I get an extra little Green tea dose in the morning… well…. OBVIOUSLY – soak my oats in it!!!

So I soaked my oats in green tea, added in greek yoghurt, chia seeds and a plum and was good to go this morning on my way home from work πŸ™‚

I made what I had intended to be a really great chocolate cake this morning when I got home. I decided after working from 3pm straight through to 8am…. chocolate cake was in order!! Hell YEAH. It kinda flopped because I left out an important ingredient…ooops.Β It was still really yum though πŸ™‚Β  So round two will happen at some point this week and I’ll put the recipe up with pictures.

Anyways… moving along. After shlepping ( if you don;t know what this is leave me a comment and I shall explain) around town in search of a bed, carrying 3 bags and sweating -I mean glowing- like crazy in the 35degree heat- I had lunch.

Lunch at the bus stop. Classier.

Tuna salad…. eat your veggies!!!

So most of my day was spent on buses, park benches, bus stop benches… now off to the bench press benches πŸ™‚

let me know if you want calorie counts and macros… I need to get to the gym and back to my assignments πŸ™‚



p.s LOVING Kobi Peretz’s Kama Ahava- so cheesy but SO GOOD…. check him out on youtube πŸ™‚