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Time is valuable -so why waste it at the gym doing workouts that aren’t even going to get you the results you want and deserve.

Spinning is my favourite cardio workout to do if I’m using some form of equipment. However I just don’t have the time to waste faffing around for an hour or going to some bad instructor’s class. The best thing to do..(in my opinion) :

Get yourself an interval timer or you can use a watch or phone (iphones have great interval timer apps) or anything that you can count the seconds with. Warm up, get some great tunes and a towel.. and do TWENTY MINUTES of INTERVAL TRAINING.

Yesterday I set my gymboss timer for 15 seconds off 45 seconds on, 20 rounds.

I was dying… the sweat was pouring and my legs were shaking afterwards. With a warmup, cool down and stretches I was in and out of the gym in 45 minutes.

If you’re not sweating.. you’re not training hard enough. And if you’re not training hard enough you aren’t getting the results you deserve for the amount of time you put it. Make your time count!!!

I made the most AMAZING breakfast this morning… check back later tonight for the post. Hands down BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!!!