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oops… how did Luca in all his beauty get in there???

My first love:

Jungle oats and stewed apples

When I was a little girl I used to sleep over at my Granny’s house most Friday nights after Shabbat dinner and every morning I would eat oats with stewed apple on top. Because thats what she ate. In bed. On a tray.

And that was it…. hooked for LIFE.

Now over the years I have perfected the bowl of oats. It has evolved along with my crazy self…from the days where I was completely protein obsessed and would crack 6 egg whites into it and one green apple ( my one fruit for the day) and NOTHING ELSE- ever (in case heaven forbid an extra ounce of some macro nutrient plagued my 6 pack)…. to today… a little more chilled out (thankfully and happily) and experimental. Thats my perfect bowl of oats- the varying kind 🙂

However all have one thing in common- soaked over night! and cooked with love. Today goes back to my original love:

oats and green apples- you rock my morning

1/4 c old fashioned oats soaked overnight with 1tbsp chia seeds

1 egg white

cottage cheese

1 green apple


calories: 322

protein: 17.7g

carbs: 34.6g

fats: 7.1

This was so creamy and gooey and delicious. I sprinkled it with cinnamon ( I love cinnamon in EVERYTHING) and then sat down to get my study on.

What is your ultimate bowl of breakfast goodness???

Happy day 🙂