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colourful dinner

I love mango and brocolli 🙂 So I ate them together in the same meal. (thats chicken btw!)

calories: 300

protein: 32g

carbs: 35g

creamy cherry oats

No WORDS to desribe the yummy creamyness of this bowl of joy.

1/3 c oats

3/4 cup cottage cheese

1/3 banana

1tbsp chia seeds

some cherries

calories: 406

protein: 24.6g

carbs: 54g

fat: 10.3

chicken and zuchini pasta

I made my zuchini pasta in a sweet potato, parsley and anchovie sauce. YUM

calories: 324

carbs: 26.1

Protein: 32g

fat: 3.6g

I did a great workout today.

bench press- 4 sets of 6 reps

floor wipers -50 reps

25 pull ups

circuit of: dumbell flyes, 1 arm clean and press, pushups

Then to finish I supersetted lateral pulldowns (cable with the rope) and kettlebell swings.

What was your workout for the day??