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tofu and greens

100g of tofu:

calories : 147

protein: 15g

carbs: 1.4

fats: 9g

I like to cook it in a little bit of soya sauce and add it to spinach and green beans. YUM.

And my most favourite tofu sald- I made this up when I was at school:

Tofu cooked in balsamic vinegar, then add in chickpeas and toss them warm from the pan into a big green salad.

chickpeas: 1/2 c

calories: 143

Protein: 5.9

Carbs: 27.1

fats: 1.3

tabouleh salad

This is so great to eat with fish or chicken or any lean protein.


bulgur, tomato, cucucumber, mint and olive oil.

1 c bulgur= 151 calories, 33.9g carbs and 5.6g protein

Chicken ( 100g )cooked in lemon juice and paprika, mashed sweet potato * medium size)and spinach salad. I added in some olive oil ( 1tbsp) to the potatoes and salad.

calories: 400

protein: 33g

carbs: 26.7g

Fat: 17.6g