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Or more like… horrible dorm room that I can’t wait to move out of in two weeks. But its home nonetheless. I haven;t been home in a good few days and it is always a bit frustrating to not be in your own surroundings. Now I am home- not that it is going to last long because I am off again tomorrow. Before I start complaining which is not a place I want to go to….

Here are some yummy breakfasts I had the past few days:

buckwheat carrot cake

This was really good. I soaked buckwheat over night and in the morning added in a scoop of protein powder, grated carrot, raisins and some walnuts and cooked it all up.

1/2 c buckwheat, 15g walnuts, 15g raisins, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 carrot:





Bulgur porridge

This was SO good. SO SO SO good. I adore porridge and had never tried using bulgur as a porridge. So today was the day. I used my favourite combo- cottage cheese and banana and mixed in two egg whites, lots of cinnamon and a plum on top. (probably the most delicious plum ever to grow on our wonderful planet might I add).

calories: 300

protein: 26g

carbs: 33g

fats: not even worth mentioning there was so little.

I’ll be back a little later with some more yummy things.