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So today someone at the gym asked me what I eat before my workout to have so much energy.. I could have gone into great detail about the wonders of my carrot cake cookies- but I didn’t. ( I would also just like to mention that i managed to slice the tip of my finger whilst skillfully removing a frozen carrot cake cookie off the plate to which it was frozen. NOT a fun place for a cut).

Instead I said… I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated- which is true. And so very important and very underrated. DRINK WATER.

I did make this scrumptious MINT SMOOTHIE in the morning-though I’m not sure it was what gave me all my energy.

Mint smoothie

1/2 banana

lots of spinach

1tbsp chia seeds

1 scoop protein powder

mint leaves

1/2 c water (maybe bit less)

calories: 248

Protein: 25.3g

carbs: 20.1g

Fat: 4.6g

Its a circuit week this week:

I did a great workout inspired by Myomytv.com

I usually cant stand doing other people’s workouts but I had kind of a crazy day and the workout posted on that site looked great- so I tweaked it to make my own version.

to start: warm up- jump rope


I pushed the calf raise machine around the gym 6 times, forward push and pulled it back.

some pull ups and push up combos just to get the blood flowing.

Main workout:

I did 3 rounds of:

bulgarian split squat (back leg on a bench and front leg on a box) 15 reps

jump rope 45 seconds

deadlift 5 reps

weighted jump jacks 45 seconds

backward lunges 10 reps

weighted skater jumps

hip thrusts- 20 reps

chia pudding

This was a little bowl of yumminess I made yesterday:

1/2 banana

cottage cheese

1tbsp chia seeds


calories: 228

Protein: 21.7g

carbs: 23.9

Fats: 7g

And now back to my assignment… blogging is  GREAT distraction.

Train hard 🙂