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sole, veggies and black rice

For lunch yesterday I had extra fish from the day before so I made some black rice (100g), steamed some spinach and carrots- squeezed lemon juice over and voila… super quick and easy- lean and clean!


carbs: 34g



This morning I had an amazing breakfast that I will post for you on Sunday when I get home.

I’m still taking time off the gym as I’m not 100% yet and rest and recovery is SO important when you are working out and training hard.

Sometimes people think more is better when it comes to exercise ( and sadly make-up as I spotted yesterday on the bus) and that couldn’t be further from the truth! You need time off every now and then. I often schedule in breaks from training- not my rest day but an actually scheduled into my routine BREAK!! So I reckon after 4 days off… I will be stronger then ever!

Remember… change in your body composition happens when you REST. You work out to break down the muscle so your body can build itself up again stronger and leaner then before… and it can only do that when you let it- by resting.

And now Shabbat is almost here… so I will rest πŸ™‚

Eat well. Rest well. Until next week…