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Yesterday I did some yummy cooking and managed to splatter a little bit on my shirt. And simultaneously noticed that I had 30 mins ( awful bus schedule) to clean up get ready and GO…I was on my way to meet my sister. So I decided to buy a new shirt on my way instead of rummaging around trying to find one in my cupboard.

You would THINK it would be possible to find a shirt that

a- isn’t see through

b- is made of cotton ( can’t wear anything else in this weather)

c- isn’t cut low at the sides so your bra sticks out

d- a+c

Well… it wasn’t possible so I went off to Jerusalem smelling like this:

sole fillets cooked in lemon juice and paprika

I cooked it in the pan that I had cooked my ‘pasta’ in, poured lemon juice over and covered it with a lid.

zuchini and eggplant pasta

I used a peeler to grate ( or peel) a zuchini and half the eggplant I had left over. I cooked it all up in a pan with lemon juice, one anchovie, fresh italian parsley and a bit of dried basil.

Fish: 130g of fish= 30g of protein and 149 calories

This was SO SO SO good.

My sister and I went out to my favourite little soup restaurant in Jerusalem.

my chickpea, spinach and pumpkin soup was YUM

my sister ordered tomato soup


I am now going to continue eating ridiculous amounts of MANUKA HONEY and munch on a few carrot cake cookies.

I made an AMAZING pancake recipe this morning so check back later for that 🙂

Happy day