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protein pancakes


1 scoop of protein powder

1/4 cup oats

a few raisins ( if you are my mum you might want to omit these)

1 Tbsp Chia seeds

3 tbsp water

2 egg whites

LOTS of cinnamon

I tried to make one big pancake (non-stick pan) and then decided that psychologically it would make me happier to have a few smaller ones ( its like piaget’s theory of development- a small child would rather have the plate with the broken up chocolate slab then just the one chocolate slab coz it looks like more).

Clearly I have not developed as a normal adult should.

Then I cut up a green apple ( love green apples- Granny Smith is my second favourite granny)

Favourite granny right there in all her beauty

And added a plum, drizzled granadilla and was in total taste heaven.

calories: 362

Protein: 34g

Carbs: 32.3

Fats: 7.2

(the numbers don’t include the fruit)

And the weekend is now upon us. YAY

Enjoy xxx