Seeing as though I can’t upload all the yummy pictures I have (well its not the pictures that are yummy ..its the food) I’ll just share my awesome workout with you! And then I should carry on with my assignment… that won’t seem to END!!!

Location: the park

warm up: drills and stretches

then using my gymboss: I set TABATA ignore how the gymboss is set in the picture.

Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off

I did plyometric step ups.

Then I re-set my gymboss to 3 rounds of 30 seconds on 10 seconds off and did:

squat jumps onto a bench

tricep dips

Then I did :

three rounds of 15 step ups with a side leg lift

5 sounds of  pull ups super-setted with plyometric pushups.

6 x 80m sprints

then I tried do do some more pull ups and managed 3.

sweat bath!!!

When I got home I made a little chia pudding with :

1tbsp chia seeds and some milk and a drop of organic agave syrup

and then made a HUGE tofu and veggie stir fry…. and now back to my assignment 🙂